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The Live Box is the ultimate Video Marketing System.
The Live Box Network will facilitate and enhance the growth and sales potential of your brand and all of the products and services you provide in these four very important ways:

1) Connect your practice to an entirely new client base
2) Keep your connection to the clients you already have
3) Sell your products and services to each of these groups
4) BRAND your practice for a LUXURY demographic

The Live Box Magazine

We understand the demographic of the clients you are looking for...and they are looking for you as well. The Live Box Magazine is a VIDEO - rich, lifestyle magazine (think VOGUE online) that will attract new clients as well as keep your practice connected to the clients that are interested in you already. This unique marketing approach features a "hybrid content" platform delivering lifestyle content AND articles and social media information that is all about YOUR practice.  It drives organic Google placement, and encourages sharing in order to reach a new audience.

    The Live Box Magazine works as a compliment to your main website to drive traffic and search placement

  • A Luxury Lifestyle Magazine your clients will love
  • Hybrid content includes featured videos and articles from YOUR business
  • Mobile-video platform opens up viral marketing of your clients' friends, family and entire social network
  • TheLiveBoxMagazine.com

The Live Box
Reception System

Have you considered being able to educate and inform your clients about the products and services you provide, without having to say a word? The Live Box delivers the perfect content to the perfect client at just the perfect time.

The Live Box System is the first fully customizable, updateable video- marketing system for your reception areas, utilizing Apple technology. We take luxury VIDEO entertainment content + your vendor produced VIDEO + custom message screens to produce your personal STYLE CHANNEL. This VIDEO programming is delivered on an iPod or Apple TV that connects directly to the back of your television. Your production is easily updated through your custom iTunes account. Our clients are seeing up to 125% increase in sales of products included in their Live Box System.

The Technology

Patent Pending FL-XVIDEO and The Producer Software

The FL-XVIDEO works in unison with The Producer giving you the ability to manage video content to different areas of your practice. Flexibility is designed into our software so updates and delivery are seamless.

    Live Box infused iPads in exam rooms, Apple TV and iPods in waiting rooms, Web and Social Media videos all served by Live Box technology.

  • Our clients are seeing up to 125% increase in sales of products and services featured in their Live Box System.
  • Mobile videos and articles from YOUR business are highlighted through our system and are recognized as the best content for viral marketing and search engine placement.


Imagine the ability to deliver your message to an entirely NEW captive, interested, audience.  Because The Live Box is fully customizable, it is also very adaptable for complementary businesses in your area.  High end SALONS, SPAS and COSMETIC DENTISTS have a waiting audience that would like to learn about your practice.  It is the perfect way to market to a very highly-targeted demographic of potential NEW clients for your products and services.

Our Services

Our range of services is focused in the support of the unique characteristics of The Live Box Video Marketing System.

We specialize in Video Production, Web Services, and Apple Technology mixed with marketing and branding experience to help you extend your business offerings through video.


Connecting to your ideal audience is achieved by delivering curated luxury lifestyle content that enhances your business, products and services. We will work with you to produce videos that best match your business.

Web Development

We feature HTML5 web production focused on video and mobile devices. Our web services are full service with website incubation and design as well as advanced programming and hosting. We have been providing web services for over 18 years and include some of the largest social media and news sites in the world, as our clients.

Video Production

The Live Box Video Production team features documentary film makers. Our style is personal and authentic making the look and feel of our productions a step above most videographers. We use advanced editing techniques including multi-camera angles, professional-grade audio and a vast library of vendor footage to tell the story that is behind your business.


Our marketing services include a comprehensive program to enhance what you have already created. We will establish a style that fits your model and can further connect you with your existing clients as well as bring new clients to your business.

Apple Tech Specialist

Our patent-pending technology features The Producer software which integrates with iTunes to provide a seamless updating process using many of the most popular Apple devices such as iPods, iPads and Apple TV.

HDTV and Hardware Installation

The Live Box is proud to offer sales and installation of the top brands of quality HDTV displays on the market today, including Samsung, Vizio, Sony and many others. We also provide installation services nationally by partnering with Best Buy and experienced technicians who are insured and highly qualified.

Our Market


How many times a day do you repeat the same message?

Wouldn't you want to have your patients well informed about EVERYTHING you offer before they see you?

The Live Box is effective because it invites your patients to learn about you and your practice at the perfect time that they are most receptive to listen and hear.

Up to a 125% increase in sales of products and services featured in The Live Box System


Testimonials and Before and Afters are especially impactful. The transformational aspect of good dental work can be emotionally charged and make for a great introduction to your practice and range of services.

The Live Box can extend your ability to reach a new audience as your video content can be ideal for our Cross Promotional Program. Other businesses in our network can OPT-IN to cross market your practice giving you another way to attract new patients and extend your brand.

Up to a 125% increase in sales of products and services featured in The Live Box System


Creating the right environment with videos can give your practice an entirely new way of communicating and connecting with your clients. No other company can deliver new programming into your business like the Live Box. We can produce and broadcast the perfect mix of programming that matches the aesthetic of your business.

Up to a 125% increase in sales of products and services featured in The Live Box System


Our productions can be lively, yet sophisticated, delivering entertainment that matches your salon. Also, the ability to add new promotions and messaging to your video library makes The Live Box the perfect way for your clients to share your business with their social network.

We offer a vast library of vendor-produced video of the products and services that you offer. We can also create professional commercials specifically for your brand. Because your designs and styles are your calling card, video of your clients can be the perfect way to introduce your business to an ever growing audience through The Live Box and The Live Box Magazine.

Up to a 125% increase in sales of products and services featured in The Live Box System

Contact Us

The Live Box is based in Orange County California with
regional offices and affiliates throughout the country.

Contact details:
Tel: 877 572 3313
E-mail: info@theliveboxnetwork.com

The Live Box in Nashville supports sales, marketing,
video production and music businesses relationships.
Contact details:
Tel: 877 572 3313
E-mail: info@theliveboxnetwork.com

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    If you are not sure whom to email please send a quick note to one of our departments and we will get it to the right person.
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    For advertising opportunities in The Live Box Network please inquire through our Advertising Partners site THE LIVE BOX PARTNERS.

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